Music, Dance, Film, Visual & Literary content to enlighten, inspire and motivate you to reach your creative potential. The arts are a universal language to help to build bridges of understanding to other cultures from around the world.

"Gaiavision" - Visual Multi-Media

We are interconnected and interdependent as a species. Art is a nondenominational way to express and cultivate a unified world view. This excerpt is for the eyes, featuring contributors from around the area and the world. (Online Video Broadcast)

"Words of the Week" - Literature

A weekly contribution of poems, short fiction and stories from contributors around the globe.


A diverse array of music from the four-corners of the world. Listen to artists from Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and North America, and more. Ethnomusicologist, Michael DiMartino, explores the complex and beautiful aspects of cultural music ranging from tribal folk to social and religious genres.

"Inspirations" - Poetry

Brief readings of inspirational and spiritually uplifting poems from around the world like Rumi and Hafiz, along with lesser known poets.

"Whoa Baby"- Audio Epiphanies

Whoa Babies are sound bites that make us stop and consider new perspectives and views, and take action in our own lives. Whoa Babies are designed to make us more aware and conscious, so that we can create more humanity and love, naturally and peacefully.

"Thoughts From the Road" -  Literature

Observations and lessons learned - individual perspectives on the Journey into Awareness - laughs and celebrations of this experience we call Life!

"Gold Country History" - Literature

Story nuggets from our local Gold Country history by a long-time historian. Stories about this region, from the times when inhabited by the indigenous people, the Tsi Akim/Nisenan/Maidu, through the Gold Rush days and to the present; all with global meaning and appeal.

"Art for Life" -  Arts and Education

A showcase of various educators and artists who live, work and breath the arts and humanities in our culture.

"Open Mic" -  Open for Artists' submissions

We are accepting submissions from national unsigned musical talent to play on the air or perform at our live shows.

HEALTH Segments 

Good health is the greatest treasure we can possess. We explore a myriad of natural and holistic health options that you can implement in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your home. Our focus is nutrition and other preventative care,  in conjunction with alternative treatments, as opposed to just removing or masking the symptoms. Easy to do tips for the spirit, mind andbody.

"Gift of Health"- Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda is the Medical side of Yoga & Meditation, and sets the stage for the optimal condition for the body to heal itself.

"Sound Advice" - Spiritual

Ifyou are a Healer, Visionary or Artist… you are a messenger for the new earth!  Sound Advise provides support and Inspiration to break down walls to become WHOLE andtoLead for the New Paradigm, no matter where you areon your path, with simple Energetic Tools to unlock your inner light.

"Inner Path" - Cross-Cultural Wisdom

Thoughts and guidance shared to give you the tools to bring your gifts and life-purpose into the world; guidance to a deeper understanding of yourself so you can live a fulfilling, meaningful life.


The awareness of the natural world, and the relationship we have with it, is the building block of any healthy society. In this modern world we need to be aware of the influence it has on us, and we on it. We will look at major issues that effect us locally and globally and examine some sustainable alternatives.

"Range of Light" - Sierra Nevada Report

"Being Green"- A Holistic view of Sustainability

This part of the show explores sustainable alternatives to help counterbalance the negative effect that humanity and technology has had on the planet and environment.


We envision a world of justice, peace, equality and freedom. This includes community, where differences are respected, conflicts are addressed peacefully,  supportive structures are developed, and people are empowered and live in harmony with the earth, nurtured by diverse traditions that foster compassion, solidarity and reconciliation. We are dedicated to principles of non-violent resolution of conflict.

"Peace & Justice Report"

The Peace & Justice Report keeps a pulse on local, national and international events of war, peace, and social justice to keep us all informed of the world around us, with ideas on how we can create a better world. 


In a modern world, these disciplines are essential to the future survival of the world in which we live. We also need to find the balance of utilizing the benefits of these advanced fields of thought, while insuring that they do not hinder, harm or impede the evolution of the human race.

"talknology"- Featured speakers and Interviews

In-Studio and In-the-Field we have Featured Speakers and interviews with everyone from experts in their field, college students, and the person on the street. We want to hear what you think! Subjects vary week to week.