Multiple independent studies have documented that exposure to chlorpyrifos impairs children's IQs

"The American Academy of Pediatrics urged Pruitt to reconsider his action and proceed with the ban. But Pruitt didn’t take the advice of 60,000 doctors serving babies and children.

Chlorpyrifos poses an extra risk to farmworkers and their families, and people living near agricultural fields. 

Data from California, the only state that tracks pesticide use in detail, shows that in 2010 alone more than 7,700 pounds of chlorpyrifos were sprayed within a quarter-mile of schools in the state. Just over a month after Pruitt’s reversal of the proposed ban, more than 50 California farmworkers were exposed to chlorpyrifos that drifted from a nearby field, with at least" 12 reporting nausea, vomiting and fainting. " Read original article at