ITF: Social Media & Behaviors @ Cal Poly Tech

1. @jaybaer: Your favorite quote is “You Gotta Be, Before You Do”. Seems like there are social media implications there?

@treypennington: That’s a good quote. It suggests a bit of introspection is good before outward action takes place.
Who am I now; why am I here (existentially AND on social media); what do I have to offer…are great starting points for engagement.
My MOST favorite quote, though: “You can have everything in life if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”

2. @jaybaer: Will social media be helped or hurt by widespread corporate adoption?

@treypennington: Intriguing question. Humanity will be helped by wholesale adoption of a “social media” mentality—”My neighbor 1st” mentality.
Don’t know that we need to shield social media. Also don’t know if corporate America can handle social media.
Besides, social media will probably get better as more and more people and organizations get on board.

3. @jaybaer: How important is humanization in business social media usage? Putting a face to the logo, etc?

@treypennington: Huge. @TomAsacker says folks no longer trust business or the people who run them. Methinks because it’s easy to hide.
The legal value of a corporation = “corporate shield.” To an extent, social media pierces the corporate shield (not legally, but practically).
People seem to like dealing with people. Seeing someone’s face helps pave the way for engagement.

4. @jaybaer: You’ve helped start 10+ Social Media Clubs. Where is SMC headed? What is it’s role in all this?

@treypennington: SMC is an un-organization. I LOVE Kristi & Chris. They set something in motion, got out of the way, are letting community lead.
SMC is awesome for meeting lots of cool folks across awide spectrum of disciplines, beliefs, goals. Might be a short-term organization.
Eventually, we’ll probably stop talking about & organizing around social media. For now it’s the cool ham radio of the 2000s.