Building Bridges of Resilience: Event to Educate and Inspire Activism to Honor the International Day of Peace & Emergency Preparedness Month in Nevada County

On Sunday, Golden Road Productions presents the first of a monthly series of keynote speakers, round table discussions and local music as a public event and multi platform broadcast.

The speakers range from local educators to nationally known experts on topics of emergency preparedness, food and water safety, renewable energy, economic development and holistic health.

Keynote speakers will be followed by a brief potluck social and music with the "Hands of Fire" groups classical guitarist, Peter DeMattei. The event will also feature remote Skype calls from Kevin Danaher the co-founder of Green Festival and Lou CasaBianca from director of the Resilient Cities Network.

This event is in collaboration with the Golden Road TV & Radio, KVMR social media and the Resilient Innovation Centers in Vallejo/Solano County and Quincy/Plumas County and The Alliance for Resilient Community.

Golden Road TV and Radio has already broadcast over 50 shows from a dozen counties in the area including Nevada, Placer, Calaveras, Amadour, Sacramento, Butte, Shasta and Siskiyou.

The event is also the official launch of a new regional organization called The Alliance for Resilient Community. This new organization is dedicated to preservation, education and regeneration.

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The Alliance for Resilient Community currently hosts a weekly round table that is open to the community and will feature keynote speakers, public discussions and solutions.

The discussions will be held from 7-8 p.m. every Wednesday at the Nevada County Tech building. All are welcome to come.

The Alliance for Resilient Community also recently opened an office in the Nevada County Tech building and are bringing to light the issues that effect us locally, regionally and globally. They have an advisory board of experts that can consult on various subjects and issues and collaborate to produce these larger monthly broadcasts.

In addition, the group created an online directory that identifies individuals and businesses in the 10 counties of the Sacramento River Watershed that are committed to a healthy environment and community. See for more information.

The group will also be partnering with local non-profits and organizations to help them build bridges with others and produce media for an online archive. Interested participants can be there in person or watch the live stream broadcast on Golden Road TV/Radio Youtube or Facebook channel, KVMR Facebook or on Nevada County Cable TV.

More info at or by calling 530-262-8264.

Source: Golden Road Productions.

Golden Road Radio - Earth Day Special

5:00 Host Golden Road Radio Show  w/Michael DiMartino
5:05 Independant Media  - Poyom Riles - The Source Directory
5:15 Health & Environment  -Kathlen Hallal - Round Up Ban (Non Toxic Communities)
5:30  Health - Dr Patrick Giamarisi  - Digestive Health
5:45 Environment  - Kevin Danaher – Community Resilience (Founder Green Festival)
6pm  Environment  - Barbara Daly - (North Delta Cares Action Committee)
6:15 Indigenous Womens Issues - Wendy Olenick   (Mountain Maidu )
6:30 Peace & Justice  w/Deborah Whitman - (Geo-Engineering)
6:45 Science & Tech  w/Angelo (Box Power)  (Emergency Preparedness)
6:55 Arts & Culture  w/Mignon Geli - (Buffalo Field Campaign)

Earth Day Mini-Festival & The Source Directory Social


                    Live Music - Potluck – Speakers - Drum Circle – Networking - Brainstorming

           Saturday April 21st, Nevada County Tech Center 1-6pm
104 New Mohawk Rd. Nevada City Ca. 


      We are offering the community an opportunity to gather and be inspired, co-create and share projects and resources. We will be brain storming and organizing a bio-regional effort and network to share ideas about the social, spiritual, economic and environmental changes happening. Music by Mignon Geli ( Native American Flute) Kimberly Bass (Beats & Bowls) and Brandon Dannals the "Human Jukebox". Team Building drum circle with Michael DiMartino.

Produced by Golden Road Productions.
Live Streamed on Youtube at Golden Road TV/Radio  
Recorded for later broadcast.Info 530-362-8264

1pm Peace Choir Opening
1:05 “Womens Issues” - Native American - Wendy
1:15 The Source Directory & Resilience - Michael DiMartino
1:25  “Arts & Culture” Performance - Mignon Geli – Native American Flute
1:50  “Emergency Preparedness” - Angelo (Box Power)
2:00  “Health” -Melissa Moon - CBD & You
2:10  Performance by the Peace Choir
2:20 Potluck
2:40  Performance – “Human Jukebox” Brandon Dannals
3:00 “Environment” - Poyom Riles / Civil Engineer &  ARC
3:15  “Science & Technology” - Joe Nelson  (Sustainable Energy Group)
3:30 “Environment” - Sierra Streams - Nancy Fleming
3:40 “Independent Media” – Rahasya Po  (Lotus Guide Magazine
3:50 “Arts & Culture” Michael DiMartino (“Drums Not Guns”)
4:15 “Health” -  Homer L Nottingham / QiGong
4:30 Performance – Kimberly Bass & Anya Devi (Beats & Bowls)
5:00 “Where do we go from here ? “ - Round Table Discussion
5:30 End  

Topics discussed will be about Water Security - Arts & Culture -Peace and Justice – Emergency Preparedness – Independent Media – Community Building - Economic Development – Sustainability – Environmental Regeneration – Natural Health


"Drawdown" - Paul Hawkins - A Must Read

Paul Hawkins and his team have put forth a comprehensive perspective on how to "Drawdown" carbon emissions from the current state of affairs. What I love about "Drawdown" is that it focuses on solutions. It categorizes and ranks the sectors that will help the most and explores the existing solutions and opens the conversation for ongoing improvement.

As Stated on the website, which is an amazing resource in itself, the Mission of Project Drawdown "is facilitating a broad coalition of researchers, scientists, graduate students, PhDs, post-docs, policy makers, business leaders and activists to assemble and present the best available information on climate solutions in order to describe their beneficial financial, social and environmental impact over the next thirty years."

The vision of the book and the website is to "bridge the divide between agency and urgency" and "to enact meaningful solutions."  To learn more please visit

Multiple independent studies have documented that exposure to chlorpyrifos impairs children's IQs

"The American Academy of Pediatrics urged Pruitt to reconsider his action and proceed with the ban. But Pruitt didn’t take the advice of 60,000 doctors serving babies and children.

Chlorpyrifos poses an extra risk to farmworkers and their families, and people living near agricultural fields. 

Data from California, the only state that tracks pesticide use in detail, shows that in 2010 alone more than 7,700 pounds of chlorpyrifos were sprayed within a quarter-mile of schools in the state. Just over a month after Pruitt’s reversal of the proposed ban, more than 50 California farmworkers were exposed to chlorpyrifos that drifted from a nearby field, with at least" 12 reporting nausea, vomiting and fainting. " Read original article at 

California’s proposed Glyphosate limit vs. the amount allowed by EPA

California's proposed No Significant Risk Level is 1.1 milligrams of glyphosate daily for an adult weighing 70 kilograms, or 154 pounds. The EPA's safe level, or Reference Dose, is 2 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, which for that same adult would be 140 milligrams a day – 127 times the level proposed by California. More

Golden Road Radio Show on KVMR Sunday Showcase January 28th, 5-7pm PST

Golden Road Radio Show on KVMR 89.5 FM in Nevada County
Worldwide on

Sunday's Showcase will feature:

Michael Green - Afterculture Post Electricity Culture
James Hipkins - Agtech Conference Farming & Technology Food to Farm  Conference
Rachel Berry - Sierra Harvest
William Underbaggage  Lakota Indigenous Nations Network
Rahasya Po - Lotus Guide Magazine Independent media
Pamm Larry - Good Food Brigade GMO’s and Health
Kathleen Hallal - The Guild Round Up & Glysophate Ban
Lou Casabianca - Resilient City Academy 5-7pm. Pacific